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Equity is generally represented as shareholder equity, which is nothing but the amount to be returned to a company’s shareholder if all the company’s debt becomes paid off and if all the company’s assets had been liquidated. Equity is nothing but an investors’ /shareholders’ stake in the company/securities; it is the calculation of total belongings minus liabilities.  

Stock market or shares investment is a proven path for long term money creation. However, this path comes with a risk because of uncertainty and volatility in the stock market. So it is recommended to take guidance from experts before getting involved in the stock market. Tradewings takes up this position to assist its investors to fulfill their growth targets with the hassle-free operation and minimal risk factor.

Online Equity

Today, after digital evolution online equity is becoming popular in the market. It is the easiest and favorite mode for investors and traders. Investors can make orders online and this order will be routed through brokers. The brokers will monitor the trades and take action accordingly. This broker assistance protects both customer and brokerage firms from misleading trades.

At Tradewings, we are making equity trade more reliable, rewarding and predictable for our clients. We provide the online trading facility to our customers for both platforms – Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. Our expert mechanism offers a safe trading facility (to a maximum possible extent) after the analysis of various risk factors. 

We at Tradewings offer you various trading and investment products with secure utilities to achieve your target easily.  Whether it is a beginner, Long term value investor, professional investor or a day trader we analyze the need of everyone and provide the best solution. 

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