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Derivative is based on the equity movements of the underlying assets (financial assets). Through derivatives, the investor receives a payout after paying the derivative cost.

An investor can earn high profits or high losses after paying the base margin amount is nothing but the derivatives segment.

Derivative segment is very booming in the market with high future contracts on currency, commodities, indices, and equities, etc. We at Tradewings help our customer to participate in the most challenging and exciting derivatives segment. Our committed and dedicated team of researchers will guide you to make timely decisions. We provide an easy and robust online trading platform to our customers with brokerage services for derivative market.

Tradewings is a trading and clearing member of NSE and BSE derivatives and the F&O sector. Our online trading platform offers you a smooth way to explore the derivative market.  

We offer secured trading experience with high-end technology-enabled trading and Demat account. Our advanced research team gives you a technical analysis report with guidance.  

Whether you are an active trader who believes in making the most of market opportunities or a new trader seeking information on futures, options and derivative strategies, our dedicated research and advisory team is well equipped to help you make informed and well-timed decisions on the move.

We offer brokerage services for the derivatives market and provide a robust and reliable online trading platform.

With our membership as Trading and Clearing Member of NSE F&O Segment and BSE Derivatives Segment, we provide you a gateway to the exciting world of derivatives market. 

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